Since its inception in 1994, the Long Beach Bar Foundation has operated the highly successful SHORTSTOP Program, which diverts non-violent juvenile offenders ages 10-17 away from the juvenile justice system through law-related education for juveniles and their parents. The goals of SHORTSTOP are twofold:
  • To improve the lives of youth and guide them towards productive citizenship by providing law-related education, strengthening parenting skills, improving family communication and emphasizing the importance of education
  • To keep youth from becoming repeat offenders by holding them accountable for their behavior and providing them with information that will assist them in thinking about the consequences of their actions, thus leading them to make better choices.
Each year, the SHORTSTOP Program serves well over 500 culturally and economically diverse young offenders and their parents, giving youth a second chance to move toward productive citizenship and STOP SHORT OF CRIME. The Long Beach Bar Foundation partners with many law enforcement, educational and youth services agencies in a joint effort to make the greater Long Beach community a safer place in which to live, work, learn and play.


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